The Rainbow Skinny

RR have performed on the Wilderness, Truck and Indietracks Festivals as well as the Leicester and Cambridge indiepop all-dayers. They have been played on BBC Radio 3 and 6, and many other diy radio stations around the world. Maximum Rock n Roll says they’re ‘indie pop for the indie poppers’ and Gigslutz says their music is ‘a truly wonderful angst-driven blast of pop-punk; so infectious it’ll demand multiple plays.’ They’ve opened for the likes of Cate Le Bon, Amber Arcades and Tacocat and have done a session for Dandelion Radio in which they created alternate versions of Forest Fire, Posh Pony Tails, and Big Bunny.

They have released and EP (Coco Sleeps Around) and an LP (Channel Hanna) on Oddbox Records. The LP, dubbed ‘an instant hit’ by Collective Zine is out on pink vinyl and Loud Women advise that ‘you should totally purchase it immediately’. The LP has a sense of optimistic urgency and joyful energy. This exuberance is splashed across the screen in the bright and bubbly video for the first single, Fuzzy. Fuzzy is full of first crush abandon and glitter cannon guitars that reverberate through the rest of the work. Even in the darker corners of the record like Blue Crab and Rainbows Don’t a sunlit path stays beneath the listener’s feet.